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Education by Tumlare - a specialized full

service provider of short term educational study trips

Education by Tumlare

Collaboration, diversity, globalization, open

minds; all define the world we live in today.

With communication and technology

making connections easier across borders,

the ability to see, smell and hear a new

experience, provides perspective few gain

in a class room. We understand the importance of

providing your students with an

experience that goes beyond the textbook.

Creating experiences that submerses them

in the culture with a hands-on opportunity to

ask questions and learn from diverse

perspectives. Every country is different,

every city a new adventure, every discussion an opportunity to expand horizons.

Visiting different regions of the world where

you can compare and contrast business

markets, cultural understandings and day to

day living, is an educational experience

that will last you a lifetime. Bringing those

experiences back home to share with

colleagues, family and friends enhances our

global understanding.

With Tumlare as your international travel

partner, we will customize an itinerary that

will suit your program's needs. Connecting

you with cultural understanding, high level

corporate visits, NGOs, local universities and

student projects are just some of the many

ways Tumlare can lead your program

through world gates.

Whether you are a student of business,

marketing, finance, history or art, Tumlare

can help you create a memorable international experience,

as your students become

engaged citizens of the world.


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